Monday, 12 September 2011



im totally exhausted! the assignment is really killing my sleep time. prosthodontics plizz be kind to me. basically if the lab book given to us is in english, i might understand better. the reason y i oweyz postpone my work is because i totally have no idea what the lab book is saying. and now only left one day im striving to finish all the steps needed for doing removable partial denture and basically is not easy.

also, got tutorial on this morning( typing this in 2.40 am) at 9-11 am. I din read much n totally scared, but luckily our doctor is not that strict that is dr.rudy. but, still have to understand about the development of palate and the y abnormalities can happen.i din know what i did on saturday n sunday, as i fell so fast the time passing by.seriously fast! ok, saturday morning till afternoon went to meet juniors, then evening going bandung till night.then sunday again going out to jatos, till nearly evening.then night just i start open my BAD munirah!

much better next time, thats all!